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Tools to help you get naloxone into the hands of those who need it

Integrating Naloxone in Harm Reduction

Harm reduction services providers and community groups are uniquely placed to respond to overdose in their area. On this page, you’ll find a number of resources that will guide you through developing and implementing a naloxone distribution program.

A presentation by Eliza Wheeler from the Harm Reduction Coalition is also included. She uses this to train harm reduction service providers on how to integrate naloxone distribution and overdose prevention into their existing programs. Although designed for the U.S., the presentation gives a number of lessons for harm reduction service providers in any country.

For information on how to get naloxone, see our list of Naloxone Suppliers.

If you’re thinking about starting a naloxone distribution program, make sure you’re considering documenting your efforts so that they can be used in advocacy to expand your program. See our Documentation for Advocacy section for more details.